Aiming the Trajectory of Students’ Lives Towards Christ

Weekly Youth Nights: We are partnering with Fresh Water Community Church at 590 Hartman Rd., Wadsworth, OH, to have combined youth nights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my friends to youth group?

YES, the more the merrier! You don’t need to ask us before inviting your friends to any of our events… they are ALWAYS welcome.

If you’re trying to invite someone last minute to a big event like a youth conference, then we will still try our best to accommodate them, but that depends on case-by-case information such as the number of tickets and hotel rooms we have available.

Can I still come to youth group if I'm 18?

Yes. You can attend until your 19th birthday. After that, there are still other ways you can stay involved. We like to offer all of our students lifelong friendship and mentorship! When students graduate they are invited to join our Young Adults Group and they can also apply to be an Impact Intern.

Discipleship Groups

Separate groups for guys and girls.  These groups look deeper at their relationship to Christ and how to live their lives more for the glory of God.

Short Term Missions

The Christian and Missionary Alliance sponsors a number of excellent cross-cultural ministry experiences for young people. CrossPoint Alliance Church does participate in 1 or 2 events throughout the year.

Service Projects

From time to time the young people at our church participate in service projects for the community and for others in the church.

Social Events

Community and friendship building are important aspects of teen growth and development. The youth group provides lots of these kind of opportunities both integrated in regular ministry activities and as special outreach opportunities.