Women’s Ministries at CrossPoint

A place to Connect – A place to Belong

Women’s Ministry at CrossPoint seeks to bring women into opportunities where faith can be nurtured, hearts can be mended and restored, relationships can be built, and the Work of God’s Spirit can be experienced.

To Find out about Current Offerings, Review our Calendar and Bulletin (News and Notes)

Women’s Community Bible Studies

All women of the community are welcome to join us in the study of God’s Word.  We offer classes in both the Spring and the Fall semesters of the school calendar.

  •  Wednesday evenings – 6:30-8:15pm
  •  Thursday mornings  – 9:15-11:15am childcare available
  •  Friday mornings –9:30-1130am  International Ladies Bible Class – This class is designed for any woman seeking to learn the foundations of the Bible, who Jesus is and what He might want to teach us in our lives today.  The class has a unique “international” flair, as we connect with women for whom English is their second language.
  • Zoom option available for each of these studies

Regularly Scheduled Connecting Events

Game nights, dinners picnics and more! These events are intended to foster relationships, provide a bit of laughter (*it’s “good medicine” you know), and help connect us to friendships, both new and old.  Whether it’s pure fun, or a night of praise and prayer to our Almighty God, we desire to encourage the “one another” of life in Christ.

Questions on how to connect?  Please contact Kerry Lawrence, our Women’s Ministry Director at gardenker@yahoo.com .