CrossPoint’s Vision for Life

Jesus is the only person to live a perfect life, ever.  No mistakes, no takebacks, he lived perfectly the first time.

Here at CrossPoint, our aim is to imitate Jesus.  We imitate Jesus’ life.

Here is how we work that into the fabric of our rhythms.  We imitate his relationships.  He worshipped his Father.  He equipped his community.  He engaged his world.  These practices give expression to our vision.

Worship – UP – Jesus’ primary orientation was UP.  Jesus regularly spent time with his Father.  From this relationship came the fuel for public ministry.

Worship marks our personal lives.  We create sacred spaces in our day to regularly meet with him.  This relationship provides us with a baseline for living.

The community gathers on Sunday to worship God together.  This is a big deal for us – it is central to our weekly rhythms.  Worship offered up with pure hearts is acceptable to the Master.

We value worship in the home.  Every home is a worship center.  Moms and Dads, especially Dads lead the family in rhythms of worship.

Equip – IN – Jesus spent most of his time with his community of faith.  For three years he poured himself into them, preparing them to do what he did.

We’re fighting for a culture of equipping.  This means we equip leaders who equip leaders.  We equip to give away.  We equip to reproduce.

As Jesus equipped his disciples in the context of relationship, so do we.  The twelve got his time and his heart.  He gave himself to them in a loving act of service.  We imitate Jesus in this equipping.  We too give ourselves to each other.

Engage – OUT – Jesus lovingly engaged those around him.  He engaged his world with words and compassionate actions.

We engage our culture with biblical justice.  We advocate for the unborn in our partnership with Akron Pregnancy Services.  We bring love and advocacy for the immigrant and the refugee with our ESL ministry.  We believe it is right and just to show God’s love to all in practical ways.

We engage our culture with the gospel.  We believe that works of mercy independent of gospel preaching falls short.  We need both.  In our engagement with the culture, we lead out with the message that Jesus alone can save us from our sins.

We also believe that some disciples aren’t supposed to serve in the local church.  They are supposed to serve outside the church walls.  Our goal is to bless and release these individuals to go work the harvest where we do not.